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Automatic Distillation Apparatus LMADA-A100

Automatic Distillation Apparatus LMADA-A100

Automatic Distillation Apparatus LMADA-A100 is an automatic benchtop unit that determines distillation range of petroleum products. It has temperature measurement accuracy of ± 0.1 ⁰C and volume accuracy of ± 0.1 ml. Designed with mechanically refrigerated cooling tube and cylinder room for efficient operation of the device. Equipped with large LCD display for easy handling and operation as per user’s convenience.

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Heating power 2 kW
Cooling power 0.5 kW
Steam temperature 0 to 400 ⁰C
Oven temperature 0 to 500 ⁰C
Refrigeration temperature 0 to 60 ℃
Refrigeration accuracy ± 1 ⁰C
Temperature measurement accuracy ± 0.1 ⁰C
Volume accuracy ± 0.1 ml
Display LCD
Power AC 220 V ± 10% 50 Hz

point.png 10-inch LCD touch screen display for viewing and pre-setting several parameters

point.png Advance level tracking system with American Haydon high-stepping linear motor

point.png Integral linear ball screw circumferential positioning laser tracker

point.png Imported Danfoss (Secop) Compressor enhances efficiency of the device

point.png Mechanically refrigerated cooling tube and cylinder room contributes to the great precision

point.png Automatic heating control for smooth distillation process

point.png Display shows initial and final boiling point temperature for ease of the user

point.png Local atmospheric pressure to standard atmospheric pressure is automatically corrected

point.png Temperature of steam stops the test process

point.png Results can be stored and printed for improved reliability of the device

Automatic Distillation Apparatus is widely used to determine the distillation range of various petroleum products in laboratories, research institutes and industries.

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Automatic Distillation Apparatus LMADA-A100