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-86°C Ultra Low Temperature Freezer LMUF-515

-86°C Ultra Low Temperature Freezer LMUF-515

-86°C Ultra Low Temperature Freezer LMUF-515 is a vertical freezer that efficiently stores samples by using Mixture gas refrigerants and protects the samples within the safe cabin enclosure. The manual defrost cold storage freezer has a capacity of 1008 liters. Integrated USB port makes data download for tracking and analysis more convenient. Equipped with 7-inch Intelligent HD display touch screen, user-friendly interface, and more accurate temperature control.

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Capacity 1008 L
Temperature Range -40 to -86°C
Ambient temperature 16 to 32℃
Cooling Performance -86°C
Cabinet Type Upright
Climate Class N
Cooling Type Direct method
Defrost Mode Manual
Refrigerant Mixture gas
Shelves/inner doors 3 (Stainless steel)
Controller Microprocessor
Display HD Intelligent Touch screen
Temperature alarm High/Low temperature, High ambient temperature
Electrical alarm Power failure, Low battery
System Sensor failure, Main board communication error, Condenser overheating alarm, Door ajar
External material High quality steel plates with spraying
Inner material Galvanized steel sheet/Stainless steel
Power Supply 230 V/50HZ
Power 2000 W
Power consumption 19.15 KWh/24h
Electrical Current 11.25 A
Insulation thickness 130 mm
Interior Dimension (W×D×H) 1022 × 696 × 1378 mm
Exterior Dimension (W×D×H) 1362 × 1025 × 1994 mm
Packing Dimension (W×D×H) 1473 × 1155 × 2176 mm
Net Weight 430 Kg
Gross Weight 550 Kg

point.png -86°C Ultra Low Temperature Freezer incorporates an imported high-efficiency compressor, a separated evaporator, and a composite heat exchanger for optimal performance

point.png System can save energy and reduce power consumption of the freezer by 40%

point.png Noise reduction features like a low-noise cooling circuit and sound absorbing components ensure quiet operation

point.png User-friendly interface with a 7-inch Intelligent HD display enables precise temperature control

point.png Temperature settings ranging from -40 to -86℃ are achievable with the high-precision microcomputer control system

point.png Added security with password protection on both touch screen and keyboard controllers

point.png Utilizes a high-efficiency VIP vacuum thermal insulation plate for enhanced insulation

point.png Insulated inner doors minimize cold air loss

point.png Adjustable high/low temperature alarms enhance monitoring capabilities

point.png Temperature data can be recorded every 2 minutes for up to 10 years, allowing for long-term tracking of product performance

This product is suitable for usage in a variety of settings, including blood banks, hospitals, health and disease preventive systems, research institutes, electronics, biological engineering, military enterprises, and deep-sea fishing firms.

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-86°C Ultra Low Temperature Freezer LMUF-515