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-86°C Ultra Low Temperature Freezers LMUF-601

-86°C Ultra Low Temperature Freezers LMUF-601

-86°C Ultra Low Temperature Freezers LMUF-601 holds the capacity of 588 L specially designed for long term preservation of microbes and maximum storage of bio-samples. The double cascade and the CH cooling system provides high stability and energy saving up to 50%. The user-friendly design features document storage shelves, double lock, white board and a functional alarm system with audio-visible guarantee.

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Shelf and quantity stainless steel/ 3
Capacity 588 L
Temperature -40 to 86 ℃
Cabinet Type Upright
Current 10. 47 A
Power Supply 220 V/ 50 Hz
Noise 53dB
Power 815 W
Display Touch screen LCD
Dimensions (W × H × D) 819 × 1155 × 1994.5 mm
Weight 307 Kg

point.png High efficiency and energy saving up to 50% by CH cooling system

point.png High stability with main double cascade cooling system

point.png Multi-layer sealing design providing better sealing and insulation

point.png Intelligent control with touchscreen, temperature curve, alarm information record and inquire, user management mode, auto diagnosis of malfunction

point.png Optimized design for maximum storage of bio samples

point.png Second generation of vacuum insulation panel -VIP II

point.png 7-inch LCD touch screen for easy operation and observation

-86°C Ultra Low Temperature Freezers can be used at blood bags, hospitals, epidemic prevention service and research institutes, laboratories in electronic and chemical plants and biological engineering institutes.

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-86°C Ultra Low Temperature Freezers LMUF-601