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Temperature Humidity Data Logger LMTHD-A100

Temperature Humidity Data Logger LMTHD-A100

Temperature Humidity Data Logger LMTHD-A100 is a highly versatile and precise engineered tool designed to record and monitor temperature and humidity levels in various environments. With its four channels (-40℃ to 80℃/-40℉ to 158℉) wide temperature range, it can provide accurate results anywhere in a short period of time

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Temperature Measuring Range -40℃ to 80℃/-40℉ to 158℉
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.5 (0℃ to 4℃); ± 1 (-25℃ to 0℃); ± 2 (others) (If sensor wire is longer than 50 M, accuracy deviates 1%)
Humidity Measuring Range 10 to 90%RH
Humidity Accuracy (10℃, 25℃, 40℃) ±5% (30 to 80%)
Temperature Sensor NTC
Humidity Sensor SHT21
Display Resolution 0.1
Record Cycle 1 min to 24 hours continuously set
Record Capacity Each channel 20000 points (MAX)
Ambient Temperature Temperature -20℃ to 50℃
Humidity Humidity 0% to 95%
External Alarm Relay 10A 220VAC
Power Supply 12VAC I DC-24V AC I DC
Power consumption 100 to 264VAC, 50/60HZ by external power adaptor
Dimensions 133×128×34 (mm)
Weight 0.5kgs

point.png It includes a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, ensuring continuous real-time data uploading, even during power outages

point.png Equipped with two external sensors for temperature and humidity, which support a total of up to four sensors for easy monitoring

point.png Enhanced with multiple alarm modes, including sound, light, SMS, and email notifications, enhancing flexibility in alerting

point.png Features offline data storage, automatic Wi-Fi reconnection, and data transmission after network recovery

point.png It can wirelessly transmit real-time temperature and humidity data to a cold chain cloud platform using 3G connectivity

point.png Provided with an inbuilt buzzer, which can be combined with external audible and visual alarms for enhanced notification capabilities

point.png Supplied with a segment LCD screen that displays the system clock, current status, memory capacity, and recorded data, providing valuable information at a glance

point.png Data can be viewed, managed, and monitored online by the web browser or mobile app

Temperature sensor 2 Qty

Humidity sensor 2 Qty

It is widely used in medical, printer, HVAC, automotive, meteorology, environmental monitoring, industrial transport/cold chain, IP cameras, LIDAR, and water leak detectors for monitoring temperature and humidity

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Temperature Humidity Data Logger LMTHD-A100