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Automatic Surface Area Analyzer LMSAA-101

Automatic Surface Area Analyzer LMSAA-101

Automatic Surface Area Analyzer LMSAA-101 is an analytical instrument designed to measure the specific surface area of materials. It has independent sample testing and processing systems to minimize contamination. Ball screw integrated lifting system, controlled by stepping motor, overcomes the shortcomings of ordinary screw type.

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Pore size measurement range 2 nm to 500 nm
Measurement range 0.0005 m2/g and above
Specific Surface Area Repeatability Error ≤ ± 1.0%.
Number of samples tested 4
Test modes Single Nitrogen Test Mode and Nitrogen, Helium Standard Test Mode
Test Gas High purity N2 gas
Vacuum Pump Built in two stage vacuum pumps
Vacuum system Stainless steel micro welding vacuum pipeline system
Vacuum leakage rate 1× 10-10 (Pa × m3/s)
Pressure Range 0 to 3 Bar (0 to 2250 Torr)
Pressure Accuracy 0.0015
Control system Pneumatic valve control system
Communication RS485 or RS232 communication
Software Windows compatible
Test Functions Static volumetric principle, adsorption/desorption isotherms measurement, BET method, Langmuir method, T-plot external surface area measurement, BJH total pore volume and pore size distribution analysis, DR and DA filling theory, true density measurement;powerful online data analysis system and specific surface area and pore size distribution test system
Dimensions (L × W × H) 746 × 600 × 900 mm
Net Weight 80 kg

point.png Stainless steel micro welding vacuum pipeline system minimizes dead volume

point.png High-precision silicon film pressure sensor to measure pressure accurately

point.png High integration and anti-interference pneumatic valve control system

point.png Transparent plastic safety door

point.png Degassing treatment enhances accuracy

point.png Durable 4L stainless steel Inner dewar bottle

point.png Liquid level control system maintains constant liquid nitrogen level

point.png Multi-Mode data analysis supports various analysis approaches

Test gas (Ar, Kr)

Automatic Surface Area Analyzers are used for precise and efficient measurement of surface area in materials, finding applications in research, quality control, and manufacturing processes.

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Automatic Surface Area Analyzer LMSAA-101