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Semi-Automatic Polarimeter LMPMR-A200

Semi-Automatic Polarimeter LMPMR-A200

Semi-Automatic Polarimeter LMPMR-A200 is designed for measuring the optical rotation of polarized light in optically active substances. Featuring a 5.6-inch TFT touchscreen for user-friendly operation. Operates within a temperature range of 0℃ to 100℃ with automatic temperature compensation for accuracy. Equipped with a temperature sensor that provides real-time monitoring of the sample chamber.

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Measurement Mode Four modes: optical rotation, specific rotation, concentration, and international sugar content
Display Screen 5.6-inch TFT touchscreen
Temperature Measurement Range 0℃ to 100℃
Temperature Measurement Accuracy ± 0.5℃
Measuring Range ± 90˚, ± 130˚Z
Measuring Accuracy ± 0.02˚, ± 0.05˚Z
Display/Resolution 0.005˚
Wavelength 589 nm
Light Source LED ₊ Interference filter
Test Tube Length 50/100/200 mm
Data Storage 100 sets of data storage
Interface USB
Power Supply AC 220 V, 50 Hz
Dimension (L × W × H) 550 × 300 × 220 mm
Weight 7.5 Kg

point.png Utilizes semi-automatic polarimetry for precise measurements

point.png Offers 4 selectable measurement options for versatility

point.png Equipped with long LED life with a 589 nm filter enhances durability

point.png Automatic calculations of non-standard test tube measurements

point.png Stores up to 100 sets of data for convenient record maintenance

point.png Automatic marking for time, date, and sample name for traceability

point.png Involved with multi-language version selection for global usability

point.png Built-in text file provides detailed instructions for instrument use

Semi-Automatic Polarimeter has a vital role in various scientific fields, pharmaceutical industries, and educational institutes to measure the optical rotation of optically active substances.

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Semi-Automatic Polarimeter LMPMR-A200