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Refrigerated Thermostatic Bath LMRTB-A100

Refrigerated Thermostatic Bath LMRTB-A100

Refrigerated Thermostatic Bath LMRTB-A100 is an advanced high-precision bath offering complete control function in a temperature range of - 40℃ to 300℃. Uniformly maintains the tank temperature precision of 0.001℃. Equipped with a built-in cooling system, prevents the chamber from overheating. Features an automatic presetting of upper and lower temperature limits. Comes with a safety alarm and overload prevention system.

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Temperature range - 40 ℃ to 300 ℃
Volume 400 x 330 x 230mm3
Top opening dimensions 310 x 280mm
Temperature stability ± 0.005℃ to ± 0.02℃
Temperature accuracy 0.01℃
Display resolution 0.001
Digital resolution 0.01℃, 0.001℃
Control function PID automated
Refrigeration CFC-free
Depth 200mm

point.png Enabling the diverse application due to the wide temperature range of - 40℃ to 300℃

point.png Provides accurate temperature control with precision increments as small as 0.001℃

point.png The built-in cooling system effectively maintains the desired low temperatures while emitting low noise

point.png Includes a heating system that ensures rapid and uniform heating for critical applications

point.png Advanced with a user-friendly interface, digital display and over-temperature protection for safety

point.png Provided with touch controls that make it easy to set, monitor and adjust the parameters

Refrigerated Thermostatic Bath is mainly used in laboratories and research institutions, quality control and testing laboratories, medical, healthcare industries, petrochemical and aerospace.

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Refrigerated Thermostatic Bath LMRTB-A100