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Rectal Thermometer LMRR-A100

Rectal Thermometer LMRR-A100

Rectal Thermometer LMRR-A100 is a medical device designed to measure body temperature by inserting into rectum. Digital display to show measured temperature. It is lubricated to facilitate smooth and comfortable insertion. It precisely measures core temperature of the body.

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Temperature range 35 to 42 ºC & 95 to 108 ºF.
Display Digital

point.png Flexible, lubricated probe to insert into rectum for measuring temperature

point.png Flexible probe tip ensures safety and comfort during insertion

point.png Digital display to show temperature reading

point.png Accurately measures internal temperature of the body

point.png Easily operates on single button

Rectal thermometers are widely used for accurate core body temperature measurement, particularly in infants, young children, and clinical settings where precision is crucial.

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Rectal Thermometer LMRR-A100