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Pen Type conductivity meter LMPTC-403

Pen Type conductivity meter LMPTC-403

Pen Type conductivity meter LMPTC-403 measures the electrical conductivity of any aqueous solution subjected to it. This electrical charge is measured by the conductivity meter between the range 0.00μS/cm to 2000µS/cm which measures the conductance in a solution. The substances (or salts) dissolved in the water determines how conductive the solution will be. It has the LCD screen to view the set parameters and the results of the unknown sample or solution.

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Display LCD
Measurement Range 0 to 20.00 ms/cm
Measurement Accuracy ±2 % FS
Temperature Compensation 0 °C to 50 °C
Type Of Electrode platinum black electrode
Power Supply 1.5V Cell LR44×4pcs
Weight 88 g
Dimension (Ø ×L) Ø 40×185 mm

point.png LCD screen with clear and spontaneous result display

point.png Data retention including high-efficiency platinum black electrode

point.png Easy replaceable electrode heads for removal and further additions

point.png IP67 Waterproof frame and waterproof button is present making it work efficient

point.png Automatic temperature compensation with adjustable measuring unit features allows operator to set accordingly

point.png RAM integrated chipset and selectable calibration points are provided to choose multiple and single point calibration

Pen Type conductivity meter can be easily taken to any remote area to check the integrity of drinking water because which, it is made as water proof and for measuring the ionic concentration. It is used at various laboratories for the researches and drug manufacture processes. In addition, it is used in agriculture to measure the salinity levels of surface water and soil samples and also measure the quality of water in a wastewater treatment facility.

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Pen Type conductivity meter LMPTC-403