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Open Cup Flash Point Tester LMFPT-A101

Open Cup Flash Point Tester LMFPT-A101

Open Cup Flash Point Tester LMFPT-A101 is designed to determine the flash point and flammable characteristics of volatile and flammable liquids and provides the lowest temperature at which their vapors can ignite. Incorporated a thermometer with a temperature spanning from 0℃ to 360℃. In this open cup-styled design the flame is brought directly over the surface of the sample contained within for easy detection.

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Thermometer 0 ℃ to 360 °C
Scale Division 1°C
Ambient Temperature ≤ 35°C
Relative Humidity ≤ 85 %
Outer Crucible-Material Carbon structural steel
Outer Crucible-Diameter of Upper Opening Φ100 ± 5 mm
Outer Crucible-Height 50 ± 5 mm
Outer Crucible-Diameter of Bottom Φ56 ± 2 mm
Inner Crucible-Material Carbon structural steel
Inner Crucible-Diameter of Upper Opening Φ64 ± 1 mm
Inner Crucible-Height 47 ± 1 mm
Inner Crucible-Diameter of Bottom Φ38± 1 mm
Inner Crucible-Scale Line 12mm away from the rim of the upper opening
18mm away from the rim of the upper opening
Gas Tube Φ0.8 to Φ1 mm
Flame 3 to 4 mm
Heater electric furnace
Heating Power 1000W
Power Consumption ≤ 1100 W
Power Supply AC 220 V ± 10 %, 50Hz
Dimensions 410 × 360 × 240 mm

point.png Customizable heating temperature

point.png Integrated with an electric current meter for precise power monitoring

point.png Enhanced with streamlined, space-efficient desktop design

point.png Intuitive and user-friendly operation

point.png Boasts a sophisticated temperature control system that strikes a balance between advanced functionality and practicality

point.png Equipped with heat-resistant metal cups, making them suitable for routine testing

point.png Carefully designed to ensure the safety of the operator and the accuracy of the test

point.png An electric furnace is used as a reliable and controlled ignition source

It is particularly valuable in industries such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing, where the handling and storage of flammable materials are common.

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Open Cup Flash Point Tester LMFPT-A101