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Multi Automated Stainer LMAM-A100

Multi Automated Stainer LMAM-A100

Multi Automated Stainer LMAM-A100 is an energy-efficient Stainer that offers high-throughput capabilities via multiple staining techniques like Ziehl-Neelsen, Kinyoun, and Fluorescence. It allows staining requirements, from acid-fast bacteria identification to various fluorescence-based assays. Fitted with 10 to 20 slides can be stained per cycle using 1.2 to 1.8 ml of reagent per slide which takes just 13 to 18 minutes. Simple and intuitive interface with a compact design to fit conveniently on any laboratory countertop.

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Staining Method Selectable Ziehl-Neelsen, Kinyoun, and Fluorescence
Slide Tray Capacity 10 to 20 slides
Clearance Height Lid Open: 565 mm
Tray Rotation Speed Approx. 6 rpm (stain mode) / Approx. 300 rpm (dry mode)
Reagents Capacity 1.2 ml to 1.8 ml
Operating Control 6 mode keys (stain, prime, clean, dry, reset, slide up/down)

point.png Flexible staining process with a three-in-one solution

point.png Quick and simple to use

point.png Maintenance-free experience with an automatic cleaning system for tray drying

point.png Advanced Internal diagnostic software for user convenience

point.png Integrated with an all-in-one reagent kit for more convenient use

point.png Empowered with a cutting-edge microprocessor built for flexibility in staining application

point.png Features premium adhesive microscopic slides, ensuring no cross-contamination

point.png Easily regulatable and fine-tuned staining process by an intuitive front operative panel

point.png Incorporated carousel button for quick loading

point.png Equipped with a stain chamber for protecting slides by fixing them horizontally

point.png Reagents can get along with plastic tubing to avoid extra use

point.png Units come with six functional keys (Stain, Prime, Clean, Dry, Reset, Up & Down) for quick and manual free staining

point.png The procedure is completed in just 7 to 8 simple steps

It is used in histology, pathology, molecular biology, and mainly in microbiology research labs for staining gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, also used in staining tissue samples, cell preparations, and other biological samples.

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Multi Automated Stainer LMAM-A100