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Ducted Fume Hood LMDH-B300

Ducted Fume Hood LMDH-B300

Ducted Fume Hood LMDH-B300 is improved with digital technology to maintain constant airflow to safely handle biological samples and protect them from exposure to airborne pathogens. Equipped with filter safety lockout to guarantee that filters are replaced properly. Featuring a 560 m³/h exhaust volume with 0.3 to 0.8 m/s face velocity. It provides high operator protection from hazardous particles.

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Cabinet Size 39 Inches
Airflow Velocity 0.3 to 0.8 m/s
Exhaust Volume 560 m³/h
Max. Door Opening Height 740 mm
Working Surface Height 850 mm
Glass Door Thickness Front Glass: 5 mm, Manual
Display Digital LED Display
Blower Polypropylene Centrifugal blower
Illumination Lamp LED Lamp (12 W)
Illumination ≥ 400 Lux
Noise ≤ 68 dB
Power Consumption 330 W
Power Supply AC 220 / 110 V ± 10 % ; 50 / 60 Hz
Internal Dimension 780 × 520 × 700 mm
External Dimension 1040 × 750 × 2200 mm
Weight 160 kg

point.png Simplified with an easy-to-read and LED display allows intuitive operation

point.png Resistance to moderate acid and alkali

point.png Integrated with polypropylene centrifugal blower emit low noise for safe operation

point.png Supplied with blower consisting of 9 levels adjustable air speed range

point.png Equipped manual, front door with adjustable height for clear observation

point.png Self-diagnostic control systems include memory function for power-failure conditions

point.png Intended with a powder-coated steel body to reduce contamination risk with anti-bacteria

point.png Tool-free cleaning with safety and sanitation

point.png Effortless handling with low-cost maintenance

Model No Name Quantity Image
LFHC-05 Base Cabinet 1 LFHC-05
LFHC-07 Centrifugal Blower (Polypropylene) 1 LFHC-07
LFHC-12 Exhaust duct (PVC) 1 (4 meter; 250 mm) LFHC-12
LFHC-18 Gas Tap 1 LFHC-18
LFHC-22 LED Lamp 1 (8 W) LFHC-22
LFHC-23 Pipe strap 2 LFHC-23
LFHC-32 Water Sink 1 LFHC-32
LFHC-33 Water tap 1 LFHC-33
LFHC-34 Waterproof socket 2 (Total Load: 500 W) LFHC-34

It is extensively used in research facilities, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and medical fields to protect workers from exposure to hazardous chemicals by mixing chemicals, heating and evaporating chemicals, and performing chemical reactions.

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Ducted Fume Hood LMDH-B300