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Liquid Particle Counter LMLPC-A200

Liquid Particle Counter LMLPC-A200

Liquid Particle Counter LMLPC-A200 is configured with a light resistance method for accurate particle counting within the particle size range of 0.8µm to 600 µm in liquids. Includes a high-precision laser sensor that maintains stability at sampling speeds of 5 to 80mL/min. Ensures stable performance with low noise and high resolution. Equipped with viscosity, moisture, and temperature sensor modules for detailed analysis.

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Light Source Semiconductor Laser
Particle Size Range 0.8 µm to 600 µm
Detection Channels 8 to 64 channels are optional
Sensitivity 0.8µm or 3µm
Resolution <10% (GB/T18854, ISO11171)
Sample Detection Viscosity ≤650cSt
Sampling Volume 0.2 to 1000mL, interval 0.1mL
Sampling Accuracy Better than ±0.5%
Sampling Speed 5 to 80mL/min
Power Supply 110 to 245V AC,50Hz,70W
Dimensions (L × D × H) 340 × 410 × 650 mm
Net Weight 25 Kg

point.png Offering a wide test range to accommodate various fluids and viscosities

point.png Features an air purification system to prevent test contamination

point.png Designed for testing hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, anti-fuel oil, insulating oil, and turbine oil

point.png Adjustable cups accommodate testing requirements across different industries

point.png Improved dual interface design ensures easy and convenient operation

point.png Appropriate for inspecting products with different viscosities

point.png Featuring multiple calibration curves compatible with international standards

point.png Integrated data analysis system for comprehensive test data from a single test

Liquid Particle Counter LMLPC-A200 plays a vital role in pharmaceuticals, and semiconductor manufacturing enables counting of suspended particles in liquids for product quality and compliance

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Liquid Particle Counter LMLPC-A200