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Ice Maker LMIM-A601

Ice Maker LMIM-A601

Ice Maker LMIM-A601 is a compact machine producing transparent snow or flake shaped ice with a small surface area, with production capacity range of 45 Kg/day. The built-in storage bin & rapid production yield best results & maximum performance under continuous operation. The unit is efficient low energy consuming ice maker with a voltage ranging between 187~242V/50Hz. This product gives best quality granular or kernel shape ice.

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Type Snow Type
Product Capacity 45 Kg/day
Ice Storage Capacity 3 Kg
Thickness of Ice Small
Water Feeding Directly supplied from valve
Ice-Manufacturing Mechanism Cooling drum rotation type
Internal Material Stainless steel
External Material Steel plate with powder coating
Power 320 W
Power Supply AC 220V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions (W×D×H) 330×630×680 mm
Weight 50 Kg

point.png A fully automatic running and easy to use having CFC free compressor

point.png Durable stainless steel 304

point.png Refrigeration system producing uniform shape Ice flakes

point.png A power-overloading protecting device

point.png Air cooled refrigeration system

point.png Compact in size, high processing speeds

point.png Long life operation

point.png Corrosion free interior and exterior

point.png Easy preventive maintenance

point.png Fluorine free thermal cover ensures good insulation

point.png High speed compact clear flake ice-production

These are widely used for both commercial purposes & also in pharmaceutical labs for analysis/synthesis, sample storage in the experimental labs, health care facilities etc. Also used for preserving refrigerated perishables.

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Ice Maker LMIM-A601