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Automatic Nitrogen Analyzer LMNA-A401

Automatic Nitrogen Analyzer LMNA-A401

Automatic Nitrogen Analyzer LMNA-A401 is automatic multifunctional equipment with condensation, titration, estimation, saving, auto waste removal and rinsing function using the core control technology. The microcomputer controlling system controls the charging pump and condensate temperature system enables the user to get effective and reliable results. LCD will provide the access to change the parameter and display the results. It is double distillation model which can analyze the acid base samples.

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Measuring Range 0.1 mg to 240 mg N
Analysis Time 5 to 10 min/sample
Reproducibility Average value relative error ±0.5%
Recovery ≧99.5%
Burette Volume 1.0 μL/step
Sample Capacity solid≦5 g/sample, liquid≦20 mL/sample
Water Consumption In The Distillation Process 1.5 L/min
Data Storage Capacity 1800 groups
Power Supply 220 VAC±10%, 50 Hz
Power 2 Kw
Net Weight 38 Kg
Dimensions (L×W×H) mm 455×391×730

point.png Visible titration container design gives the operates workable real-time event of test process

point.png Steam flow is manageable with high-accuracy push out and titration system make secure test results

point.png USB or RS485 connection exist possible for PC through which it communicates

point.png Distilled liquid temperature exist discover actual time for action or event. Emergency stop against temporary deviation from normal

point.png Double distillation model meets various experiments, to obstruct the speed of acid-base response

point.png It can usually practice wash off the digesting tubes and titration cups

point.png It has Programmed distillate, titration, judgment, print, rinsing function

point.png Visible volumetric analysis cup style provides operator period management of the complete method

point.png Large LCD bit screen provides visual operation and abounding data, satisfy user to possess associate honest command of it

point.png In case of fluid absence or damage alert the user with warning function, make secure smooth test going

point.png Desktop computer ruling system controls the distillate, titration, water shortage, displacement of safety door and digestion tube

It is used in the field of food industry, scientific research, medicine, feed production, animal husbandry, agriculture, quality analysis and environment monitoring.

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Automatic Nitrogen Analyzer LMNA-A401