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HDPE Bottle LMHB-A105

HDPE Bottle LMHB-A105

HDPE Bottle LMHB-A105 is designed with 1500 mL loading capacity provide convenient storage and transportation of liquid. Crafted with HDPE material is durable and chemical resistant that maintain the quality and safety of the stored or transported liquids. Supplied with translucent siding that provide visibility of the contents inside the container. Ease cleaning with worry-free maintenance.

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Capacity 1500 mL

point.png Designed with HDPE is high-density polyethylene material ensure high durability and reliability

point.png Equipped with secure closures and seals, minimizing the risk of leakage

point.png Translucent siding

point.png Ideal for storage and transportation of liquid with safety and sanitation

point.png It is highly chemically resistant that ensure safety and long-term usability

HDPE Bottle is widely used in laboratories and research institute for storing and transporting various liquids, reagents, and laboratory solutions.

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HDPE Bottle LMHB-A105