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Graphite Hot Plate LMGH-204

Graphite Hot Plate LMGH-204

Graphite Hot Plate LMGH-204 is designed with precise and controlled heating technology to maintain a constant temperature for a variety of chemical analyses during drying, heating, and evaporating. Incorporated with an isostatic high-purity graphite surface ensures thermal conductivity and resistance to acid, alkali, and corrosion. Easy to operate, clear, and intuitive for user convenience.

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Heating Size 400×280mm
Plate Material Graphite
Bearing Capacity 5kg
Temperature Control Range RT + 50 to 420℃
Time Set Between 0-9999min
Continuous Use Up to 8 hours
Shell Material Iron plate spraying
Heating Method Resistance wire heating
Heating Power 2KW
Temperature Sensor K-type
Temperature Accuracy ±1°
Panel Center 0.7
Area Temperature Uniformity ±3%
Power Supply AC220V/50Hz
Dimensions 400×430×200 mm
Gross weight 22kg
Net weight 13kg

point.png Featured a rectangular surface with rapid and uniform heating across the entire surface in consistent and accurate temperature

point.png Equipped with diverse PID temperature control technology for controlling over-temperature

point.png Integrated with an LCD screen for viewing, setting, and adjusting temperature parameters

point.png Enhanced with an over-temperature alarm for protection and safety

point.png Accommodate an automatic error correction mechanism for easy calibration

point.png Power-off memory features automatic shutdown to relieve overheating and potential hazards

point.png The timing function can be manually adjustable according to need (no timing/timing when power on/ constant temperature timing)

point.png Own self-tuning function for adapting, reducing, and stabilizing temperature

point.png Constructed with high-quality stainless steel with long service life and a faster heating rate

It is mostly used in chemical analysis, sample preparation, and material testing in pharmaceutical research, biological research, and food processing.

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Graphite Hot Plate LMGH-204