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Graphite Hot Plate LMGH-203

Graphite Hot Plate LMGH-203

Graphite Hot Plate LMGH-203 is made up of graphite and outer shell is made with iron plate welding which provides uniform heat condition across the area of hotplate. Maximum working temperature is 350°C with 10% accuracy and controlled by an elevated control panel. Features a K type sensor for protection against the temperature overshoot. Provided with an on/off button and LED display for precise and repeatable temperature settings for continuous operations.

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Working Time Continuous
Maximum Temperature 400°C
Outer Shell Iron Plate welding, surface spraying
Driving Mode No
Heating Power 3000 W
Continuous Operation Yes
Timer No/Digital
Operation Function No
Temperature Sensor K model
Temperature Accuracy ±1% to ±10%
Plate Temperature Uniformity ±10% to ±15%
Exterior Size 470×650×220
Plate Size 400×600
Plate Load 40 Kg
Power Supply 220 V
NW/GW 12/14.2 Kg

point.png PID and microprocessor controller

point.png Totally enclosed high purity graphite and keeps temperature uniformity

point.png Large heating surface

point.png Durable and stable operation

point.png Fast and uniform heating

It is widely used in chemical analysis, physical determination, heat treatment and experiments in laboratories of industrial mining enterprise, medicine and health, environmental protection, scientific research, biochemistry and colleges

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Graphite Hot Plate LMGH-203