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Flexometer LMFLM-A100

Flexometer LMFLM-A100

Flexometer LMFLM-A100 is designed with 12 workstations, allowing for the simultaneous testing of various samples. It operates at a testing speed of 100 ±5 cycles per minute. Constructed from stainless steel with a scratch-resistant finish, it ensures exceptional durability and reliability. Engineered to test the flexibility and bending resistance of materials such as leather and rubber.

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Clamping Tool 12 Workstations
Test Piece Size 70×45 mm
Bending Angle 22.5˚
Counter LCD 0 to 999, 999
Speed 100 ±5 cpm
Power 0.2 W
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz
Dimensions 78 × 46 × 32 cm
Weight 78 kg

point.png Allows customization of key parameters like flex cycles and speed

point.png Employs a precise mechanism for consistent testing

point.png Securely anchors the material specimen during testing

point.png Equipped with a counter to track the number of flex cycles during testing

point.png Operators can inspect the material for signs of wear and tear during the test

point.png Facilitates quick and accurate calibration

point.png Ensure optimal testing with minimal power consumption

point.png Includes safety measures for operator well-being during testing

Flexometer is used in various industries such as Plastic and Polymer Industries, Quality Control Laboratories, Research and Development, and more for evaluating the flexibility and bending properties of materials.

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Flexometer LMFLM-A100