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EDTA Glass Tube LMEGT-A100

EDTA Glass Tube LMEGT-A100

EDTA Glass Tube LMEGT-A100 is a durable and transparent glass tube designed to ensures the preservation of blood components for accurate and reliable diagnostic results. Our glass tube ensure simple handling of sample with loading capacity of 1 mL / 2 mL / 3 mL / 4 mL / 5 mL. Equipped with a rubber stopper sealed ensures the stability of the blood sample and minimizes the risk of contamination. Our tube offer vacuum condition that ensures accurate proportion of blood and additives.

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Additives EDTA.K₂
Max. Capacity 1 mL / 2 mL / 3 mL / 4 mL / 5 mL
Dimension (D × H) Φ 13 × 75 mm
Material Glass
Plug Colour Purple
Storage Temperature 4 °C to 25 °C
Centrifugation Speed 3000 to 4500 rpm
Centrifugation Time 5 min
Net Weight 16.5 kg

point.png Supplied with PURPLE colour plug for clot activator tube

point.png Crafted with high quality glass material

point.png Enhanced with is smooth surface of the glass material to avoid cell damage

point.png High quality synthetic butyl rubber stopper ensures air tight condition

point.png Plug configuration ensures minimum damage due to needle puncture

point.png Safe open and close of plug and do not flip open

point.png Anti-coagulant is sprayed uniformly on the inner walls of the tube

point.png Appropriate for all kinds of decapper

EDTA Glass Tube mainly used for the collection of blood samples for DNA, RNA, or protein analysis

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EDTA Glass Tube LMEGT-A100