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EDTA Glass Tube LMEGT-A202


EDTA Glass Tube LMEGT-A202 is an ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid tube is designed to collect blood samples for tests that require plasma rather than serum. Our glass tube, which has a 10 mL loading capacity, ensures easy sample handling. Enhanced with is smooth surface of the glass material to avoid cell damage Our tube is coated with an anti-coagulant, which is uniformly sprayed on the inner walls that prevent the formation of clots.

Specifications :
Additives EDTA.K₃
Max. Capacity 10 mL
Dimension (D × H) Φ 16 × 100 mm
Material Glass
Plug Colour Purple
Storage Temperature 4 °C to 25 °C
Centrifugation Speed 3000 to 4500 rpm
Centrifugation Time 5 min
Net Weight 16 kg
Features :
  • -  Improved with PURPLE colour plug for clot activator tube
  • -  Structured with high quality glass material ensure safety and long-term usability
  • -  Utilized with is smooth surface of the glass material to avoid cell damage
  • -  Equipped with synthetic butyl rubber stopper offer leakage protection
  • -  Plug configuration ensuring the structural integrity of the tube
  • -  Designed for safe and secure opening and closing, with a feature that prevents accidental flipping open
  • -  Appropriate for all kinds of decapper
Applications :

EDTA Glass Tube mainly used for the collection of blood samples for DNA, RNA, or protein analysis