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Cube Ice Maker LMIM-B606

Cube Ice Maker LMIM-B606

Cube Ice Maker LMIM-B606 offers an output capacity of 265 kilograms of ice per 24-hour period. It features an ice bin storage of 200 kg ensuring a continuous and sufficient supply. Our ice maker utilizes an air-cooling method and R404a refrigerant ensuring effective heat dissipation and reliable operation. It is designed to deliver crystal-clear and edible ice cubes maintaining quality and consistency.

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Output 265 Kg/ 24 h
Storage Bin Capacity 200 Kg
Voltage 220 V/ 1P/ 60 Hz
Ambient Temperature 25℃
Water Supply Temperature 16℃
Working Condition 5℃ - 40℃, water supply 5℃ - 30℃
Power 1350 W
Compressor Single Compressor
Cooling Method Air Cooled
Refrigerant R404a
Display LCD touchscreen
Ice Size 2.22 × 2.22 × 2.22 cm
Storage Bin Detachable/ Removable
Dimensions (L × W × H) 770 × 920 × 1620 mm
Weight 180 Kg

point.png Crafted with stainless steel

point.png Integrated with PLC controller

point.png Detachable storage bin

point.png Incorporated with an LCD screen

point.png Comply with ISO and CE standards

Cube Ice Makers are used for keeping samples, reagents, foods, and beverages cool in the fields of medical laboratories, scientific research institutes, health clinics, restaurants, etc.

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Cube Ice Maker LMIM-B606