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Stainless-steel water bath LMSL-A103

Stainless-steel water bath LMSL-A103

Stainless-steel water bath LMSL-A103 is a microprocessor controlled thermostatic device with a capacity of 50 L. Features real-time temperature and time digital display, self-tuning PID controller overheating alarm, Bakelite handle and a stainless-steel roof cover. It offers a temperature range of RT +5 to 99 °C and is an ideal unit for baking, dewaxing and sterilization.

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Capacity 50 L
Temperature Range RT + 5 to 99 ℃
Temperature Fluctuation ± 0.5 ℃
Temperature Homogeneity ± 0.5 ℃
Timer 0 to 999 min
Power 2000 W
Voltage 220 V 50 HZ
Working Size (L × W × H) 500 × 350 × 300 mm
Dimension (L × W × H) 680 × 420 × 450 mm
Net Weight 23 Kg
Gross Weight 26 Kg

point.png Intelligent self-tuning PID controller

point.png Microprocessor controller enables fast data processing

point.png Stainless steel roof cover

point.png Overheating alarm and automatic alarm after operation

point.png Temperature range of RT +5 to 99 °C

point.png Real-time temperature and time digital display

point.png Bakelite handle for additional safety

Stainless-steel water baths are employed in the fields of pathology, cancer, histology, microbiology, and cytology, among others.

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Stainless-steel water bath LMSL-A103