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Clot Activator Glass Tube LMCAG-A102

Clot Activator Glass Tube LMCAG-A102

Clot Activator Glass Tube LMCAG-A102 is blood collection tube designed the collection and processing of blood samples for diagnostic testing. Featuring a capacity of 8 mL / 9 mL / 10 mL ensure convenient handling of sample at reliable conditions. Equipped with butyl rubber stopper ensures an airtight seal, preventing air from entering the tube and potentially affecting the stability of the blood sample. Crafted with smooth surface of the glass material, maintain the integrity of the blood sample and ensuring reliable test results.

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Additives Coagulant
Maximum Capacity 8 mL / 9 mL / 10 mL
Dimension (D x H) Φ 16 x 100 mm
Material Glass
Plug Colour Orange
Storage Temperature 4 °C - 25 °C
Clot Retraction Time 20 - 25 min
Centrifugation Speed 3500 - 4000 rpm
Centrifugation Time 5 min
Net Weight 16 kg

point.png Coagulant is sprayed uniformly on the inner walls of the tube

point.png Improved serum collection efficiency by centrifugation

point.png Good quality Glass material makes stable and strong tubes

point.png The surface of the Glass material is smooth to avoid cell damage

point.png Plug configuration ensures minimum damage due to needle puncture

point.png Safe open and close of PE plug and do not flip open

point.png Defined vacuum condition ensures accurate proportion of blood and additives

point.png Appropriate for all kinds of decapper

Clot Activator Glass Tube is widely used laboratories and research institute for haemolysis, separation of fibrin protein, serum test in pathological labs, etc

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Clot Activator Glass Tube LMCAG-A102