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Centrifuge Tube LMCT-B101

Centrifuge Tube LMCT-B101

Centrifuge Tube LMCT-B101 is designed to fit inside centrifuge rotors, ensuring appropriate balancing and optimal sample separation. Enhanced with a tight-fitting lid or cap to prevent spilling or contamination of the contents Effortless handling of a sample with a loading capacity of 50 mL. Improved with a translucent wall allows users to visually evaluate the contents without opening the tube.

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Capacity 50 mL
Length Of Tube 11.7 cm
Diameter Outside Tube 30 mm
Diameter Of Cap 34 mm

point.png Maximum RCF 12000 x g

point.png Material: Virgin Polypropylene (PP)

point.png Working Temperature is -80 °C to 121 °C

point.png Transparent wall permits easy observation of tube contents

point.png Graduation in white ink

point.png Frosted marking area

point.png Flat-top screw cap for free handling

It is widely used to separate cellular components, isolate DNA, RNA, or proteins, and purify compounds in a variety of biological and chemical applications

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Centrifuge Tube LMCT-B101