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Centrifuge Tube LMCT-A101


Centrifuge Tube LMCT-A101 is specially designed to fit securely inside centrifuge rotors, maintaining stability during high-speed revolutions. With a loading capacity of 15 mL that works within a temperature range between -80 °C to 121 °C. Crafted with white ink graduation marks help users to measure and dispense liquids accurately into the tube.

Specifications :
Capacity 15 mL
Length Of Tube 12 cm
Diameter Outside Tube 17 mm
Diameter Of Cap 22 mm
Features :
  • -  Designed with a flat-top screw cap, making it easy to handle and manipulate
  • -  Supplied with a transparent wall allows for easy viewing of the tube contents
  • -  Constructed of polypropylene, chemically resistant plastic that ensures excellent quality and prevents contamination
  • -  Easily adjustable with simple cleaning
  • -  Worry-free maintenance with safety
Applications :

It is widely used to separate cellular components, isolate DNA, RNA, or proteins, and purify compounds in a variety of biological and chemical applications