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Dry Heat Blood Transfusion Warmer LMDW-A100


Dry Heat Blood Transfusion Warmer LMDW-A100 is a fully innovative transfusion warmer that safely and efficiently warms the blood needed for the transfusion process. It is an automated and portable unit designed to resist strong electromagnetic interference. Temperature settings are adjustable between cooling and heating range of 1 to 40℃ to meet specific medical requirements.

Specifications :
Temperature Setting Range 1 to 40°C (warming and cooling); 1 to 25°C (cooling; optional)
Body Temperature Setting Range 26 to 40°C
Water Temperature Range -5 to 40°C (warming and cooling); -5 to 25°C (cooling; optional)
Temperature Indication Range -5 to 50°C
Temperature Controller Precision ±0.1°C
Cooling Speed 3°C/min (no load)
Warming Speed 2°C/min (no load)
Working Mode Continuous
Temperature Control Mode Automatic and Manual
Voice Intelligent Alarm System System or controller failure, water shortage or ultra-hot, dust removal, etc.
Working Noise ≤45 dB
Caps And Blankets 2
Caps And Blankets Material TPA
Operating Temperature 0 to 40°C
Display 5.7-inch LCD display
Power Supply AC 220 V, 50 Hz
Power 660 VA
Dimension (L×W×H) 430 × 390 × 940 mm
Net Weight 50 kg
Packaging Dimension (L×W×H) 490 × 615 × 1050 mm
Gross Weight 52 kg
Features :
  • -  It offers precise temperature control to ensure that blood products are heated to the desired temperature without exceeding safe limits
  • -  Constructed with TPU material, it ensures the durability of its two caps and blankets
  • -  It is also resistant to low temperatures and ozone, ensuring a long lifespan
  • -  Equipped with a pressurized water pump that provides efficient cooling and heating
  • -  Controlled by an automatic computer system, it operates continuously with stability
  • -  Features an imported compressor for rapid cooling
  • -  Simplified with large 5.7-inch LCD display
  • -  The silicon nitride heater supports both manual and automatic temperature control modes
  • -  Supplied with a voice intelligent alarm system that alerts in case of system or controller failure, water shortage, excessive heat, or dust accumulation for safety measures
  • -  Furnished with a tilt-resistant wheel stand, making it easy to move and saving space
  • -  Engineered for safety and reliability also exhibits minimal power dissipation for cost-effectiveness
Applications :

It is employed in hospitals, medical research facilities, and care units such as emergency departments, intensive care units, and operating rooms. Its primary purpose is to elevate the temperature of blood and fluids, effectively reducing the risk of hypothermia and preventing the breakdown of blood cells, a process known as hemolysis.