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Biochemistry Analyzer LMLB-A304


Biochemistry Analyzer LMLB-A304 is a comprehensive, self-contained, floor-standing analyzer designed to streamline the analysis of biological samples, specifically focusing on biochemical parameters. It accommodates sample volumes ranging from 1 to 100µl and is capable of processing up to 400 tests per hour. It incorporates an automated cleaning station for both the sample and reagent probes, along with liquid-level sensing and collision prevention mechanisms for added safety and precision.

Specifications :
Sample Volume 1 ~ 100 µl, 0.1 µl / step
Reagent Position 2 × 40
Reagent Volume R1 1 ~ 400 µl, 1 µl / step
Reagent Volume R2 1 ~ 400 µl, 1 µl / step
Throughput 1 Reagent 400 test/h
Throughput With ISE 400 test/h + 120 test/h
Sample Position 80
Assay Items 80 assay items
Operation Random access
Reading System Direct reading system
Methods Used Endpoint
Fixed time
1-2 reagent
Reagent/serum blank etc
Reagent / Sample Probe Liquid-level sensor
collision sensor
Teflon coating
automatic washing station
Reaction Time 0 ~ 999 secs
Cuvette High-quality UV-transmitted plastic cuvette
Cuvettes Washing 8-channel automatic washing system
Calibration Linear, Non-linear, Multi-standard, K factor
Sample Dilution/Retest available
Wavelength 340 nm ~ 810 nm
Light Source Halogen lamp
Absorbance Resolution 0.0001 A
Absorbance Accuracy ± 0.0003 A (0 ~ 2.5 A)
Repeatability (CV %) ≤ 2 %
Quality Control Three level programmes
Bar Code Optional
Printer Multiple report format
Power Supply 220 V; 50 Hz 110 V; 60 Hz
Dimensions 1000 × 850 × 700 mm
Weight 137 kgs
Features :
  • -  Equipped with a built-in cooling system to maintain optimal conditions within the reagent chamber
  • -  Incorporated an independent mixer for thorough mixing of sample and reagent solutions
  • -  Boasts a powerful reactive eight channels cuvette washing system
  • -  Easily replaceable reagent tray, ensuring smooth reagent handling
  • -  Features a user-friendly interface compatible with Windows operating systems
  • -  Equipped with alarm functions to proactively prevent errors and operational issues
  • -  An optional ISE (Ion-Selective Electrode) module and barcode scanner are available for enhanced functionality
  • -  A card test control system and quartz glass cuvettes can be integrated upon request
  • -  Includes a printer with the ability to generate reports in various formats
  • -  The samples can be diluted and retested if results are out of range or the sample is insufficient
Applications :

It plays a crucial role in clinical laboratories, hospitals, and research settings for assessing the concentration of blood sugar, cholesterol, electrolytes, and calcium levels in blood, serum, plasma, or urine samples.