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Air Cooled Chiller LMACR-A105


Air Cooled Chiller LMACR-A105 is a versatile and efficient cooling system designed to regulate the temperature of various industrial processes by removing excess heat from a specific environment. It features energy efficiency, operational excellence, and a leak-resistant design. The system accommodates a large water tank capacity of 500L with a flow rate of 160 to 320L/ min and exhibits a 15kW compressor motor.

Specifications :
Water Tank Capacity 500 L
Cooling Capacity 58600 W, 199850 BTU / hr
Flow Rate 160 - 320 L / Min
Water Pump 2 HP, 1.5 kW
Refrigerant Type R22
Compressor Motor 15 kW, 20 HP
Condenser Fan Flow Rate 18900 CHM
Fan Diameter 500 mm × 4 set
Voltage/Base 380V - 400 V / 3 Phase (50 Hz - 60 Hz)
Running Current 38 Amp
Insulation Material Poly-foam type rubberized tube insulation
Dimension (L × W × H) 1800 × 1100 × 1750 mm
Net Weight 730 kg
Features :
  • -  Features effective insulation with poly foam rubberized tube insulation
  • -  The interior components of the chillers are constructed from durable stainless steel
  • -  Precision temperature control is maintained within a narrow range of ±1ºC by the PID temperature controller
  • -  The importation pump switch is equipped with a high-pressure function
  • -  Equipped with an indicator light to promptly alert users to any abnormal conditions
  • -  The compact design is well-suited for outdoor installation
  • -  Provision of auto cut-off during an emergency situation
  • -  Chillers operate using R22 as the refrigerant
Applications :

Air-cooled chillers are refrigeration systems employed for dehumidifying air and cooling production process lines in both commercial and industrial settings.