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Benchtop Colorimeter LMCOM-A100

Benchtop Colorimeter LMCOM-A100

Benchtop Colorimeter LMCOM-A100 covers a wavelength range from 420 to 660 nm. It has a user-friendly interface with a three-digit LED display. Integrates visible light filters for quick color measurement. Our colorimeter features a silicon photodiode that operates at low noise levels. It is economically reliable as it consumes only 1.5ml of reagent and delivers accurate results.

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Wavelength Range 420 to 660 nm
Filter 420 nm
470 nm
530 nm
620 nm
660 nm
Stability and Reproducibility ± 5 nm
Economy Consumes only 1.5ml of reagent
Detector Silicon Photocell
Photoelectric Range T %: 0 % to 100 %
ABS: log T 0-2
Photoelectric Accuracy ± 2 T
Light Source 6 V 0.5 A tungsten lamp
Indicator LED three-digit display
Power Supply 110 V or 220 V AC 10 W
Dimension 280 × 220 × 122 mm
Weight 3 kgs (body only)

point.png Compact and durable

point.png Includes control knobs for coarse and fine focusing

point.png Equipped with a tungsten lamp as the light source

point.png Improved with lens for resolution of system

point.png Incorporated with heat absorption filters for temperature control

point.png Furnished with an adjustable diaphragm

Some applications are included in textile industry, medical diagnostics, art and design, chemical analysis and in education sector.

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Benchtop Colorimeter LMCOM-A100