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Belt Drive Vacuum Pump LMBVP-A103

Belt Drive Vacuum Pump LMBVP-A103

Belt Drive Vacuum Pump LMBVP-A103 is crafted with a resilient vacuum assembly, ideal for extracting air from sealed containers. Boasting an ultimate vacuum pressure of ≤ 1Pa and a pumping speed of 1800 L/min, its adaptability shines through. This versatile pump serves as a standalone unit and seamlessly transitions between roles as a fore pump, process pump, titanium pump, booster pump, oil diffusion pump, or molecular pump in diverse setups.

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Pumping Speed 1800 L / min
Ultimate Pressure ≤ 1 Pa
Oil Capacity 3 L
Rotating Speed 450 rpm
Temp. of Body ≤ 40 °C
Ambient Temp. 7 to 40 °C
Noise Level ≤ 82 dB
Inlet 65 mm
Power 3000 W
Power Supply 220 V, 50 Hz
Dimension 780 × 500 × 560 mm
Weight 230/216 kg

point.png Operates via a belt drive system for efficient function

point.png Built with a robust design for enduring performance

point.png Provides high-end superior vacuum strength for efficient operations

point.png Designed for easy usability and maintenance convenience

point.png Highly durable and powerful for consistent and reliable performance

point.png Operates quietly and with minimal vibration for enhanced usability and comfort

The Belt Drive Vacuum Pump finds applications in vacuum coating, filtering, heat treatment, smelting, tube systems, refrigeration, packaging, and more.

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Belt Drive Vacuum Pump LMBVP-A103