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Sodium Heparin PET Tube LMSHP-A101

Sodium Heparin PET Tube LMSHP-A101

Sodium Heparin PET Tube LMSHP-A101 is designed to enhance the efficiency of separating plasma from the blood sample, ensuring better results in laboratory analyses. It hold a capacity of 7 mL. Equipped with Plug to prevent damage and ensure safe opening and closing without flipping open. Improved with smooth surface of the PET material prevents damage to blood cells during processing. Our tube is highly compatible with serum index, ensuring accurate test results.

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Additives Sodium Heparin
Maximum Capacity 7 mL
Dimension (D × H) Φ 13 × 100 mm
Material PET
Plug Colour GREEN
Storage Temperature 4 °C - 25 °C
Centrifugation Speed 3500 - 4000 rpm
Centrifugation Time 3 min
Net Weight / Case 13.5 kg

point.png Heparin do not affect blood composition and erythrocyte size

point.png Intended to improve the effectiveness of the plasma separation process from blood constituents

point.png Highly compatible with serum index

point.png Good quality PET material makes stable and strong tubes

point.png The surface of the PET material is smooth to avoid cell damage

point.png Equipped with synthetic butyl rubber plug maintain air tight condition

point.png Plug configuration ensures minimum damage due to needle puncture

point.png Utilized with safe open and close of plug preventing accidental spills or contamination

point.png GREEN colour plug for clot activator tube

point.png Defined vacuum condition ensures accurate proportion of blood and additives

Sodium Heparin PET Tube is commonly used for hematological tests, including complete blood count (CBC), blood gas analysis, therapeutic drug monitoring.

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Sodium Heparin PET Tube LMSHP-A101