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No Additive Glass Tube LMVGT-A101

No Additive Glass Tube LMVGT-A101

No Additive Glass Tube LMVGT-A101 is crafted with high-quality of glass material, ensuring stability and strength for reliable use in blood collection. Convenient handling of sample with a capacity of 5 mL / 6 mL / 7 mL allowing for flexibility in blood sample storage and transportation. Intended with plug allows for safe and secure opening and closing, avoiding spills or contamination.

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Maximum Capacity 5 mL / 6 mL / 7 mL
Dimension (D × H) Φ 13 × 100 mm
Material GLASS
Plug Colour RED
Storage Temperature 4 °C to 25 °C
Clot Retraction Time 1.5 to 2 hr.
Centrifugation Speed 3500 to 4000 rpm
Centrifugation Time 5 min
Net Weight / Case 13.5 kg

point.png Employed with good quality glass material makes stable and strong tubes

point.png Enhanced with smooth Inner surface for normal activity of thrombocyte & unimpeded clotting

point.png Equipped with synthetic butyl rubber stopper ensures air tight condition

point.png Improved with plug configuration ensures minimum damage due to needle puncture

point.png Safe open and close of plug and do not flip open

point.png Internationally accepted standard RED colour plug for clot activator tube

point.png Manufactured under pharmacy grade (100,000) GMP workshop for pollutant-free production

point.png Include vacuum condition ensures accurate proportion of blood and additives

No Additive Glass Tube mainly used for the collection of blood samples and suitable for serological testing and biochemical testing.

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No Additive Glass Tube LMVGT-A101