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Micro Analytical Balance LMMAB-A100

Micro Analytical Balance LMMAB-A100

Micro Analytical Balance LMMAB-A100 is an advanced weighing instrument. With a graduation value of 1μg and a maximum range of 2.1 g, it ensures accuracy in micro-weighing. Equipped with supercell sensor technology for accuracy, speed, stability, and reliability. Enhanced with automatic calibration and adjustment technology to ensure precise results. Temperature and time control mechanisms further enhance accuracy. The comprehensive feature of the device makes it indispensable.

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Graduation Value (D) 1μg
Maximum Range (Max) 2.1g
Repeatability (5% Load ) Standard Deviation - 2μg
Typical Error - 2.5μg
Linear Error Standard Deviation - 2μg
Typical Error - 2.5μg
Repeatability ( 100% Load ) Standard Deviation- 1.5μg
Typical Error - 3μg
Working Temperature 18°C to 23°C
Temperature Adjustment Fluctuation ≤1°C/Hour
Environment Humidity 50% to 75%
Corner load Error Test Weight - 1 g
Standard Deviation – 2 μg
Typical Error – 2.5 μg
Sensitivity Drift (+10°C to +30°C) - 5
Minimum Weighing Value 1 .3 mg
Ideal minimum weighing 0.82 mg
Calibration Graduation Value 10 μg
Settling Time 6 S
Pan Size Φ 30 mm
Power Supply 100 V to 240 V, AC Frequency: 50/60 Hz, Current: 1.0 A to 0.5 A
Dimension ( L × W × H ) 90 × 295 × 150 mm
Weight 5 Kg

point.png Micro Analytical Balance includes a tare function

point.png User-friendly full touch screen

point.png Utilizes single-lever sensor technology for rapid measurements

point.png Offers communication interfaces including RS232 and USB-C

point.png Work at a temperature range of 18°C to 23°C

point.png Requires 8s for efficient data acquisition

Second monitor
Pharmaceutical software package
Balance external draft shield
Gesture sensor
Static electricity removal device

Micro Analytical Balance finds application across various sectors including scientific research, pharmaceutical development, chemical analysis, quality control in manufacturing, and food testing

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Micro Analytical Balance LMMAB-A100