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Glass Volumetric Flask LMGV-A100

Glass Volumetric Flask LMGV-A100

Glass Volumetric Flask LMGV-A100 is constructed with high-quality and durable borosilicate glass. With a 100ml capacity, this flask boasts exceptional durability and resistance to thermal changes, ensuring reliability in various experimental conditions. The flask includes a glass penny stopper preventing contamination and evaporation of the contents.

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Capacity 100 ml
Capacity Tolerance ± 0.10 m
Ground Mouth 12/14
Material Borosilicate
Stopper Penny stopper
Height 170 mm

point.png The surface is made translucence allowing easy observation of the contents inside

point.png Standard scale lines are made easily visible and identifiable for accurate measurement

point.png Resistant to chemical corrosion in the presence of acids, bases, and reactive substances

point.png Meticulously calibrated to a specific volume at a precise temperature

point.png Come with a flat-bottomed flask, a long neck, and a precise volume graduation mark to ensure accurate measurements

point.png Microwavable and autoclavable up to 121 ℃

point.png Easy to clean and store

point.png Resistant to thermal shock due to low thermal expansion coefficient

It is a critical tool in laboratories such as analytical chemistry, research and development, quality control, and education.

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Glass Volumetric Flask LMGV-A100