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Gel And Clot Activator Glass Tubes LMGCG-A100

Gel And Clot Activator Glass Tubes LMGCG-A100

Gel And Clot Activator Glass Tubes LMGCG-A100 is designed to provides a quick and efficient method for obtaining serum samples and collect blood samples for various tests. It features a storage capacity of 3 mL / 4 mL. Our tube utilized with clot activator that promotes the rapid clotting of blood, facilitating the separation of serum from the blood cells. Equipped with a plug for safe and secure opening and closure that reduces sample spillage or contamination.

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Additives Gel and Clot Activator
Maximum Capacity 3 mL / 4 mL
Dimension (D x H) Φ 13 × 75 mm
Material GLASS
Plug Colour Yellow
Storage Temperature 4 °C to 25 °C
Clot Retraction Time 20 to 25 min
Centrifugation Speed 3500 to 4000 rpm
Centrifugation Time 5 min
Net Weight 17 kg

point.png Internationally accepted standard YELLOW colour plug for clot activator tube

point.png Uniformly sprayed coagulant reduce the clotting time

point.png Separation gel is stable in physical and chemical composition

point.png Improved serum collection efficiency by centrifugation

point.png Preserve the serum stable for 48 hrs. for storage and transportation

point.png Good quality GLASS material to avoid cell damage

point.png High quality synthetic butyl rubber plug maintain air tight condition

Gel And Clot Activator Glass Tubes is widely used laboratories and research institute blood-serum biochemistry , immunology ,and drug testing.

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Gel And Clot Activator Glass Tubes LMGCG-A100