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Digital Autoclave LMDA-A100


Digital Autoclave LMDA-A100 is a simple, computer-controlled steam sterilising equipment with a 280L stainless steel chamber and a drying function. The doors cannot be opened until the chamber pressure is decreased to 0.027MPa, and the procedure cannot begin until both doors are correctly closed. Some of the safety features include automatic power cut-off, a water deficiency alarm, and over-temperature and pressure protection.

Specifications :
Chamber Capacity 280L
Volume ᵩ600 × 1000mm
Working Pressure 0.22 Mpa
Working Temperature 134 ℃
Temperature Adjustment (40- 134) ℃
Sterilization Time 0-99 min
Drying Time 0-99 min
Average Heat ≤± 2 ℃
Power 12 KW/ 380V 50 Hz
Dimensions (W × D × H) 1520 × 910 × 1900 mm
Gross Weight 570 Kg
Net Weight 462 Kg
Features :
  • -  Easy to operate, automatic sterilization controlled by computer
  • -  The chamber of the sterilizer is made of stainless-steel
  • -  With drying function, suitable for dressing drying
  • -  With over-temperature, over-pressure auto-protect device
  • -  The door opening mechanism cannot be operate until the pressure in the chamber is reduced to 0.027MPa
  • -  No operation initiation until the doors are properly closed
  • -  Automatic opening of the safety valve when the inner pressure exceeds 0.24MPa
  • -  Alarm, automated power and water cut-off if the machine runs out of water
  • -  Equipped with a printer
Applications :

Autoclave is provided for disinfection and sterilization, to decontaminate the sterilize media and biological waste. It finds its applications mostly in laboratories, medical and research institutions.