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Anaerobic Jar LMAJ-A101


Anaerobic Jar LMAJ-A101 is designed to create and maintain an oxygen-free atmosphere for the cultivation and study of anaerobic microorganisms. It boasts a 2.5L capacity and is made up of transparent PMMA material with a smooth surface. The jar's construction ensures a clear view of its contents, facilitating easy monitoring. It contains 1 stack of 12 dishes and is equipped with air-tight seals to prevent contamination.

Specifications :
Type Hermetic type
Capacity 2.5 L
Contents 1 stack of 12 dishes (90 to 100 mm diameter)
Petri Dish Holder 25 R
No. of Gas Packs 1 – 2 no.
Time Taken 2 to 4 hours (to attain anaerobic condition)
Material PMMA material
Clamp Colored stainless steel clamp
Quick Snap-Shut Coupling Yes
HS Code 3926909090
Packaging Dimension (L×W×H) 245 × 215 × 395 mm
Gross Weight 2.5 kg
Features :
  • -  The tight seal between the jar and its lid is maintained by a high-quality O-ring, guaranteeing an oxygen-free environment
  • -  Equipped with a quick snap-shut coupling, enabling swift and effortless connection to the system in smooth motion
  • -  The system accommodates gas packs, allowing flexibility and adaptability and maintaining a controlled environment
  • -  Compact, easy-to-carry design
  • -  Clear jar and lid for visibility
  • -  Sturdy jar-lid clamp for added durability
  • -  Robust, stainless-steel clamp in a colorless finish
  • -  Cleaning with alcohol is recommended for maintenance
Standard Accessories :

Anaerobic Jar

Jar Lid
Culture Plate Holder

Applications :

Applied in the cultivation of bacterial cultures under anaerobic conditions for research and testing in microbiology, biotechnology, pathology, virology, and various other scientific domains.