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Portable LPG heating Steam Sterilizer LMLS-A901 is a portable autoclave, it has a sterilizer chamber capacity of 18 L. Moreover, it has sterilizing volume φ 280×260 mm with the working pressure of 0.14 to 0.16 MPa. It is designed with fully stainless coverage with double scale indication magnitude, it can be electrically or LPG heated sterilizer, connected with outlet tap.

Specifications :
Capacity 18 L
Sterilizing Volume φ280×260 mm
Working Pressure 0.14 to 0.16 MPa
Maximum Safety Pressure 0.165 MPa
Working Temperature 126 ˚C
Power AC220V.50Hz/2KW
Dimensions 410×410×430 mm
G.w 16kg
N.w 14 kg
Features :
  • -  It is well-built with fully stainless steel structure
  • -  Easily operating safe and reliable
  • -  It has an indication mode with double scale pressure magnitude
  • -  Pressure gauge could clearly indicate, convenient observation, works reliably
  • -  It is an electrically or LPG method heating device
  • -  It is well locked with a lid for a convenient streaming process
Applications :

It is used for the sterilization of surgical and dental instruments.Used to sterilize the glassware instruments,used in the Sterilization process of culture medium and biological dressing. It is also used in various fields like foods, goods, etc...