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Automated Sample Processing System LMASP-101


Automated Sample Processing System LMASP-101 can complete lid opening and closing, dispensing and proteinase and internal control addition for 48 sample tubes in one run. Real time monitoring of material and equipment status and alarm if abnormal. All functions are designed to be done within biosafety cabinet with remote control pad to reduce cross contamination. Presence of pressure sensors to detect the liquid level. It is compatible with a variety of pipette tips, deep well plates and sampling tubes.

Specifications :
Sample Throughput 1 to 48
Sample Type Plasma, serum, whole blood, swab solution, and urine, etc
Operation Mode Stand-alone operation, Pad remote control
Operating System Android system, user interface in Chinese/English
Pipetting Channels 2
Processing Volume 10 to 280μL in one run, multiple repetition available
Contamination Control 1. External droplet entrapment;
2. Airtight and drip-proof design;
3. All functions within the biosafety cabinet
Material Control Automatic recognition of deep-well plates, tips and waste boxes
Liquid Level Detection Pressure sensors to detect the liquid surface
Human-vehicle Interaction 1. Real-time display of instrument status on the LED screen of the host and the Pad user interface;
2. Voice reminders during the operations
Size (L×W×H) 570×455×530mm
Weight 20 kg
Features :
  • -  Features droplet entrapment technology
  • -  Air tight and drip-proof design
  • -  Presence of pressure sensors to detect the liquid surface
  • -  Equipped with pad remote control
  • -  Automated lid opening and closing
  • -  Voice reminders during the process and preset automatic mixing
  • -  Stand alone operation
Applications :

These are widely applied in the field of clinical diagnosis, epidemic surveillance, food safety, forensic identification and virulent infectious diseases