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Horizontal Autoclave LMHA-A601

Horizontal Autoclave LMHA-A601

Horizontal Autoclave LMHA-A601 is a front loading model which can accommodate larger loads due to its size and structure. It offers a 146 L chamber capacity and a powerful PLC as a central processor for adjusting temperatures as needed by the user. The unit has a color touch screen for adjusting various parameters, as well as six indicating lamps on the unloading sides that display the sterilizing running status and alarming information. The low-noise and water-saving vacuum system effectively reduces noise during operation.

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Volume 146 L
Chamber Dimension (W×D×H) 420×420×830 mm
Power Consumption 18 KW
Power Supply 380V, 50 Hz
External Size (W×D×H) 1290×1680×1100 mm
Net Weight 610 Kg

point.png High capacity chamber volume

point.png Front loading model with double door automatic mechanism

point.png Powerful PLC used as central processor

point.png Intuitive color touch screen, easy to operate

point.png Unique vacuum noise reduction system

point.png Precise pressure detecting and control

point.png Reliable and durable chamber

point.png Safety device prevents operator from opening the device when chamber is heated

point.png Door safety lock prevents the door from being opened

point.png Easily accessible emergency buttons for immediate cycle shut-off

It is developed for vast usage in research and development centers, medical institutions, educations units, quality assurance facilities, and many other laboratory applications.

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Horizontal Autoclave LMHA-A601