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High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge LMHCR-A108

High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge LMHCR-A108

High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge LMHCR-A108 is a microcomputer controlled system comes with capacity of 6×100 ml along with maximum centrifugal force 20600×g. Equipped with DC brushless motor offers smooth working of the unit and digital LCD display makes reading test data convenient. Built with acceleration and deceleration of 9 kinds. It is an excellent device with a fluorine free high quality imported compressor.

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Temperature range -20℃~40℃
Maximum Speed 16000 rpm
Maximum RCF 20600 x g
Maximum Capacity 6 x 100 mL
Timer Range 1 min to 9 hr 59 min
Noise ≤ 58 dB
Acceleration/Deceleration 10 Kinds
Speed Accuracy ±20r/min
Temperature Accuracy ±1℃
Voltage AC 220 ± 22 V, 50 Hz, 15 A
Dimension 610 × 560 × 370 mm
Net Weight 82 Kg

point.png Maximum spin speed 16000 rpm

point.png Accommodate centrifuge tips and tubes or well-plates for use in a number of applications, with capacities reaching 6 x 100 ml

point.png Microcomputer control with LCD display offers convenient reading of test data, stores various parameter data information

point.png High-torque brushless frequency motor, maintenance free

point.png Smart high-grade compressor that operates smoothly guarantees low noise and long shelf-life

point.png Work mode selection can be operated with 10 options

point.png Built with acceleration and deceleration of 9 kinds

point.png Designed with self-locking device, over-speed safety device, over-temperature safety device, imbalance safety device and automatic alarm device

point.png Stainless steel centrifugation chamber which is safe and reliable and corrosion-resistant

point.png A specialized spring taper sleeve connects the motor to the spindle, making loading simple and quick

point.png User-friendly interface that simplifies the process

point.png Robust and stable design makes it more convenient for users to operate

Name Max speed (rpm) Max Volume(ml) Max RCF (g)
Angle rotor 14000 4×8PCR 12070
Angle rotor 13000 6×8PCR 16080
Angle rotor 14000 8×8PCR 13390
Angle rotor 13000 12×8PCR 17220
Angle Rotor 15000 30×0.5ml 18510
Angle Rotor 14000 40×0.5ml 19970
Angle Rotor 16000 12×1.5/2ml 17940
Angle Rotor 15000 24×1.5/2ml 20600
Angle Rotor 13500 30×1.5/2ml 19340
Angle Rotor 11000 48×1.5/2ml 12840
Angle Rotor 15000 16×5ml 19350
Angle Rotor 14000 12×7ml 16370
Angle Rotor 14000 6×10ml 16460
Angle Rotor 12000 12×10ml 14510
Angle Rotor 10000 12×15ml 11840
Angle Rotor 5000 24×15ml 3080
Angle Rotor 5000 30×15ml 3830
Angle Rotor 12000 8×20ml 14510
Angle Rotor 12000 6×30ml 14000
Angle Rotor 11000 6×50ml 13480
Angle Rotor 10000 6×70ml 10810
Angle Rotor 10000 4x100ml 10310
Angle Rotor 10000 6×100ml 11380
Angle Rotor 12000 24 pieces capillary vessels 15800
Microplate rotor 4000 2×3×48 Well 2300

High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge is used for DNA, RNA, PCR or antibody analysis used in routine and research work in auxiliary laboratories in industry, Educational & Research institutions, Bio Technology, Medical Laboratories, Hospitals, Blood Banks, Pharmaceutical laboratories etc.

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High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge LMHCR-A108