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Large Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge LMLRC-C100

Large Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge LMLRC-C100

Large Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge LMLRC-C100 is a versatile and ideal centrifuge for the centrifugation of temperature sensitive materials. The blood banking capability allows for the processing of up to 6x1000 ml capacity at a speed of 6000r/min within a time range of 0 – 99Hr and 59minutes. It has a microprocessor-controlled lid that can be opened electronically or manually in the event of an electronic system failure.

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Maximum Speed 6000 r/min
Maximum RCF 6680×g
Maximum Capacity 6×1000 ml
Speed Accuracy ± 10r/min
Temperature Range -20° - +40°C
Timer Range 0 – 99Hr 59Mints
Acceleration/Deceleration 0 – 9 (Grade)
Noise ≤60dB (A)
Control And Drive Microprocessor/Direct drive
Program Storage 35
Refrigerator Power 2.2 KW
Refrigeration System CFC-Free refrigeration system
Compressor High performance compressor
Power Supply AC220V/110V, 50Hz 35A
Dimension (L×W×H) 730×840×1200 mm
Weight (Without Rotor) 260 Kg

point.png Large capacity operation resulting in accurate outcomes

point.png Microprocessor lid locks

point.png Easy to open centrifuge lid using pneumatic springs

point.png Centrifuge stands on movable casters

point.png Self-diagnostic system with error display

point.png Protection for imbalance, over-speed and over-temperature

point.png High sample safety

point.png Microprocessor operated control drive

point.png High performance compressor with CFC-free refrigeration system

point.png Temperature range adjustment: -20° to +40°C

point.png Acceleration and deceleration rate : 0 – 9 (grade)

point.png Memory storage function: up to 35 program storage capacity

point.png Low noise operation

This fully automated centrifuge is widely used for separation of blood, platelets and different components of blood in blood bank centers, bio-technology company, chemistry labs, bio-pharmaceutical industries and various medical and clinical environments’ etc.

S.No Rotor type Capacity Speed RCF
1 Angle Rotor 6×500 ml 6000 rpm 6680×g
2 Swing rotor 6×1000 ml (round cup) 4200 rpm 5600×g
3 Swing rotor 6×1000 ml (oval cup) 4000 rpm 5600×g

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Large Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge LMLRC-C100