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Metallurgical Microscope LMMM-701

Metallurgical Microscope LMMM-701

Metallurgical Microscope LMMM-701 features four plan achromatic objective lenses and both bright field and dark field condensers for good quality. Head is inclined at 30° angle for viewing and WF10X20 is used as standard eyepiece. Trinocular Siedentopf type heads with 30° inclined tubes and interpupillary distance from 48 to 75 mm. 3 W LED or 6 V 20W illumination is used as transmitted light. Innovative design offers larger apertures with optical system of the microscope to produce images at higher resolutions. Equipped with quadruple reverse angled nosepiece. Focusing of system can be adjusted using coaxial coarse and fine focusing knobs.

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Viewing Head 30° Inclined angle
Objective 5X/10X/20X/50X
Nosepiece 4 Holes
Condenser _
Eyepiece WF10X20
Light Source 12V 50W
Power Supply AC100 to 240V/DC12V
Color White And Black

point.png Eyepieces can be secured to the tubes

point.png All optics are anti-fungus and anti-reflection coated for maximum light throughput

point.png Infinity professional LWD objectives 5x/0.13 10x/0.25 20x/0.40 S50x/0.70 S100x/1.25 are used as optional

point.png Coarse adjustment are equipped with friction control

point.png Uses different lighting method than a conventional microscope and can illuminate solid specimens to identify, inspect and measure them

point.png Adjustable interpupillary distance

point.png Equipped with diopter adjustments

point.png Supplier with power cord, dust cover and spare fuse

These are commonly used in industry for quality control and inspection or for measuring instruments for viewing thin films and electroplating, inclusions, surface defects and grain size

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Metallurgical Microscope LMMM-701