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High Speed Centrifuge LMHC-A101

High Speed Centrifuge LMHC-A101

High-Speed Centrifuge LMHC-A101 accommodates 12 tubes that hold a capacity of 5 mL to precisely separate cellular components, such as proteins, RNA, DNA, and organelles. Our centrifuge utilizes a microprocessor controller with an LCD display to allow easy programming with perfect observations. Integrated with an electronic interlock mechanism that prevents unauthorized excess.

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Maximum Speed 16500 rpm
Maximum RCF 18360 x g
Maximum Capacity 12 x 5 mL
Time Setting Range 1 min ~ 99 min
Speed Control Accuracy ± 30 rpm
Max Acc time < 35 sec
Max Dec time < 20 sec
Power Supply AC 220 V / 50 Hz / 3 A
Noise level < 65 dB
Dimension 265 × 335 × 220 mm
Weight 11 Kg

point.png Microprocessor controlled system

point.png Brushless DC motor

point.png Fast acceleration and deceleration function to protect sensitive samples from abrupt speed changes

point.png Automatic Electronic door interlock for safe operation

point.png Specialized bottom to show RCF

point.png Provision to edit running parameters

High-Speed Centrifuge is widely used in the separation of blood components like plasma, serum, and cells for medical testing.

Rotor Model No Max. Speed Max. RCF Capacity Image
LMHC-A101-R1 12000 rpm 14800 x g 12 – place (Capillary Rotor) LMHC-A101-R1
LMHC-A101-R2 12000 rpm 14800 x g 24 – place (Capillary Rotor) LMHC-A101-R2
LMHC-A101-R3 12000 rpm 10142 x g 12 x 5 mL LMHC-A101-R3
LMHC-A101-R4 13000 rpm 16172 x g 24 x 1.5 mL LMHC-A101-R4
LMHC-A101-R5 15000 rpm 13800 x g 3 x 8 x 0.2 mL PCR Strip LMHC-A101-R5
LMHC-A101-R6 16500 rpm 18360 x g 12 x 1.5 mL LMHC-A101-R6
LMHC-A101-R7 16500 rpm 18360 x g 18 x 0.5 mL LMHC-A101-R7

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High Speed Centrifuge LMHC-A101