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Desiccator Dry Cabinet LMDCC-A103

Desiccator Dry Cabinet LMDCC-A103

Desiccator Dry Cabinet LMDCC-A103 has a 320 L storage capacity and is supplied by a built-in multi-voltage power supply with humidity control. A front metal handle and a lockable, rubber-sealed glass door make up the system. It has a powder-coated surface and an excellent anti-erosion performance. The cabinet's shelves each have a 40-kg load capacity thanks to their high-intensity bearings and reinforced structural design. The device also includes a humidity sensor and LED display.

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Storage Capacity 320 L
Humidity 20° - 60% RH
Shelf Quantity 3
Surface Resistance 10⌃6 – 10⌃9 ohm
Humidity Deviation ± 3% RH
Shelf Load 40 Kg
Average Power 20 W
Max Power 140 W
AC Power 85 V – 265 V 50/ 60 Hz
Dimensions (W × D × H) 990 × 540 × 120 mm
Gross Weight 77 Kg

point.png Safe, simple, reliable, and easy-to-use

point.png Consists of lockable, rubber sealed glass door and a front metal handle

point.png Storage capacity of 320 L

point.png Shelf capacity of 40 Kg each

point.png High anti-erosion quality

point.png Cold rolled plate of bao steel

point.png High intensity bearing of every shelf

point.png With toughened glass, stored goods are protected from pollution

point.png Anti-ESD powder coating dark blue coating

Parameter Value
Super Low Humidity 1% - 10% RH
Low Humidity 10% - 20%

Desiccator Dry Cabinets are used for storing goods in the fields of medical institutes, scientific research institutes, laboratories, etc.

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Desiccator Dry Cabinet LMDCC-A103