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Refrigerated And Heating Circulators LMRH-A103

Refrigerated And Heating Circulators LMRH-A103

Refrigerated and Heating Circulators LMRH-A103 are temperature-controlled circulating water baths with a pump flow rate of 10L/min with high heating/cooling capacities. Enhanced with PID temperature control system for maintaining desired temperatures. Intended with a rust-free stainless chamber that has a filling capacity of 6 L. Featuring with capability to protect the equipment by providing high and low-temperature warnings and making it an eco-friendly device.

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Pump Flow Rate 10 L/min
Temperature Range -20℃ to100℃
Stability ±0.03℃
Temperature Sensor PT 100
Pump Capacity Pressure 0.35 bar
Heater Consumption 2000 W
Cooling Consumption 250 W
Ambient Temperature - 20℃ -70℃
Bath Opening 160 × 160 mm
Temperature Control PID
Bath Dimension 320 × 180 × 150 mm
Refrigerant R134a
Filling Capacity 6 L
Voltage AC 220 V ± % ,50 Hz
Outer Dimension 400 × 250 × 650 mm
Net Weight 42 kg

point.png Built with a circulatory pump for circulating the temperature-controlled fluids

point.png Improved stainless steel construction ensures hygienic cleaning

point.png Designed with high-resolution digitally controlled LCD display

point.png Safety measures are included in these circulators to guarantee secure operations

point.png Incorporated with Refrigerant R134a which makes the circulator eco-friendly

point.png Equipped with a high-quality compressor and a mute pump

point.png Include PT100 temperature sensor to maintain temperature stability and accuracy

point.png The water reservoir is a robust water tank that is rust-proof

point.png Easily adjustable with low maintenance requirements

It is widely used in research institutes and laboratories, for incubating reagents essential for molecular biology and tissue culture experiments.

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Refrigerated And Heating Circulators LMRH-A103