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Plastic Test Tube LMTT-A203

Plastic Test Tube LMTT-A203

Plastic Test Tube LMTT-A203 is a designed to hold 5 mL of loading capacity to withstand centrifugation, allowing for sample separation based on density. Enhanced for holding and mixing small quantities of liquids. Integrated with polypropylene or polystyrene materials provide durability and chemical resistance. Our plastic test tubes are transparent, making it simple to visually analyze the contents.

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Material Polystyrene
Capacity 5 mL
Tube Dimension ( ɸ x h ) 13 × 78 mm

point.png Equipped with closures, such as screw caps, to hold the sample in place and stop spills or contamination

point.png Maximum Relative Centrifugal Force (RCF) of 5000 x g attainable without leakage or crack

point.png Reusable or disposable to avoid cross-contamination

point.png Customizable labeling feature, allowing users to affix or mark the tube

point.png Suitable with a variety of materials, such as mild acids, bases, and organic solvents

It is widely used in laboratories, scientific and medical field for chemical analysis, sample storage, and biological experiments.

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Plastic Test Tube LMTT-A203