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Plastic Test Tube LMTT-A101

Plastic Test Tube LMTT-A101

Plastic Test Tube LMTT-A101 is improved with transparent polypropylene or polystyrene is highly chemical resistant to breakage provide clear observation of inside sample. Designed for holding and mixing small quantities of liquids or substances featuring a loading capacity of 6 mL ensure convenient handling of sample. Utilized with lids or caps to secure the contents and prevent spillage or contamination.

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Material Polypropylene
Capacity 6 mL
Tube Dimension ( ɸ x h ) 12 × 75 mm

point.png Chemically resistant

point.png Attainable maximum RCF 5000 x g without any crack or leakage

point.png Suitable for storage of organic solvents, weak acids and bases

point.png Labels can be customized

It is widely used in laboratories, scientific and medical field for chemical analysis, sample storage, and biological experiments

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Plastic Test Tube LMTT-A101