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Flame Photometer LMFM- A100

Flame Photometer LMFM- A100

Flame Photometer LMFM- A100 is a scientific tool used to quantify the concentration of specific chemical substances particularly alkali and alkaline earth metals in a solution. It functions using the fundamental ideas of flame emission spectroscopy, which includes sample ingestion at a rate of 6 mL per min. Especially beneficial for analyzing elements with strong atomic emission lines, which include sodium (Na) and potassium(K).

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Elements Detected K, Na
Sample Uptake < 6mL/ min
Response Time < 8 s
Dimension 400 × 250 × 500 mm
Repeatability < 3% coefficient of variation for 7 consecutive samples
Range K 0 to 100 ppm, Na 0 to 160 ppm
Sensitivity K 0.01 ppm, Na 0.01 ppm
Linearity K 0.195 ppm, Na 0.69 ppm
Power Supply AC 220 V;50 Hz
Power Consumption 250 W
Net Weight 8 Kg

point.png Conveniently built with a USB port making it easy to connect to peripheral devices

point.png 7-inch color touchscreen provides a clear and vibrant display

point.png Enables the determining of various concentration units

point.png Incorporated with an Optical Lens System for better isolation and focus of emitted light

point.png Analysis requires only a small quantity of samples

point.png Provide with an automatic gas on/off mechanism for safety purposes

point.png Built-in thermal printer makes it user-friendly

point.png Allows to choose from different flame sizes

point.png Simplified device with cost-effective maintenance

The Flame Photometer is used for estimating the concentration of metal ions in a solution. Mainly used in industries like pharmaceutical, and petrochemical industries for environmental and agricultural analysis.

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Flame Photometer LMFM- A100